She could tell I was faking it.

Three words. They aren't that hard. I can type the. I love you. Yet they cant be spoken, they stick in the mouth, their bitter flavour tainting the tongue Not even force can bring them out and if managed, well then it would just be plain ugly wouldn’t it? Yet why do people struggle to say those words? Why do I? I can type it all I want, I love you, I love you and so on, but here it’s meaningless, nothing matters as it comes from my fingers to the screen. I can lie so easily and no one would know, but then isn’t that was fiction is a lie?

She lies there, she has no idea what happened. The world around her is dark, her eyes won’t open. There is someone there though, she can hear them. They are breathing. In. Out. In. Out. So slowly like they are afraid each breath would be heard and give them away, but she just lies there and listens. Trying not to show that she has woken. Where is she? She has no clue, not a scent in there air to tell her what happened. What can she smell? Lavender, like her mother used to wear, only not the same, it was missing something. That warm comforting smell that only her mother had. Why would she smell her mother’s perfume? What an odd thing to happen, but what does it mean? Is her mother dead? They say when someone dies you can smell their scent…but it wasn’t her mother’s scent, it was something else, there was an edge to it, something dangerous.


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She could tell I was faking it.
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