," chuckled Doctor Disaster. Twenty years of supervillainy was finally starting to pay off. He adjusted the dials on his cheese-ray to provide maximum transmutation output, then settled in to wait.

When the Moon was fully transformed into a large ball of cheese, the change in tidal forces would wreak havoc on the coastal cities and infrastructure of the modern world. Billions would suffer; unless, or course, they acknowledged Dr. Disaster as their overlord.

There was only one small obstacle for him to overcome.

His archnemesis, Improbable Man, would be here soon. There was no way Disaster could think of that the costumed hero could find out about his cheese-ray, but the possibility existed. And Improbable Man could make any possibility happen, however improbable.

Disaster charged his force shields and prepared for battle.


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The Moon would never be the same again.
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