Ten! The crowd rose their voices to join the leader. Nine!Feet were stamped, hands raised in celebration. Eight! Faces were upturned towards Big Ben, the hands counting their lives. Seven! Some had tears beginning to roll down their cheeks. Six! Someone was screaming, but the sound was muffled by the bodies. Five! The mass chanting, the crowd undulating back and forth. Four! Liquid spattered down, someone's beer bottle flying out over the crowd, still full. Three! The chanting was getting louder. Two! Everyone was suddenly still. One. It was a whisper, Big Ben rang out as the hands came together for midnight.

2070 was here. The world was still turning. The scientists said it could take a few seconds for the explosion to engulf the Earth, but all was silent. Some of the crowd broke down, laughing, cryiing, screaming. Holding desperately onto each other. It wasn't over. Many didn't know what to do, they just stood and waited, watching as the clock face got to five past, then ten past. Like the were almost hoping that


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Galen over 13 years ago

... it would end? (The story or the world) Excellent mood and scene.

JoFitz (joined over 13 years ago)

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