Jimmie was eternally in love with the women of his dreams. She was the most independent and confident person he knew. I heard a song about her once…

"I love her cuz she got her own. There is nothing more sexy than a girl who wants but don’t need me.

Young independent, yeah she works hard but you can’t tell from the way that she walks. She doesn’t slow down cuz she ain’t got time to be complaining, surely gonna shine.

She don’t expect nothing from no guy. She plays aggressive but she’s still shy. You will know her softer side by looking into her eyes.

She knows when she can do for herself; makes me want to give her my world. Only kind a girl I want; independent queen working for her throne. I love her cuz she got her own. Yeah, she does. I love it when she says “I got it, I got it, I got it”.

There ain’t nothing more sexy than a girl that wants but doesn’t need me. Love her face, nice thick thighs, sexy thing! She’s so fly, she don’t look at me to save her, no gold diggin’, now she looks at me like inspiration, she wants to be a compliment to my swagger.

Everything she got she worked for it, good life made for it, she takes pride."

Only kind a girl I want; Independent Queen.



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