Find within yourself the path to truth, and you will never steer yourself wrong.

Good Lord, what a load of crap, he thought, sharpening the shovel again.

Rely on my own internal frame of reference to tell me what is the true path? Hell, if I thought my internal compass was true, I'd be in a better place now. Isn't that right, Jenny?

No, I guess you wouldn't have much to say about it, would you?

I never thought we'd be in this position, Jen. I honestly thought we'd make it. But I followed my heart, and that led me to you.

You, and Tommy.

Well, I took care of him, didn't I, Jen? That's something my heart led me to.

Y'know, Jen, I'm kind of glad I used the shovel end and not the handle end. He was a handsome guy, even I have to admit that. Just the kind of fella you'd like, especially after rebounding off of me.

Right, Jen?

Well, I guess it's time. I'm not gonna be able to get it much sharper than this. Bend down, Jen. It'll be quicker.

I said, bend down.



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cheshirescribe about 14 years ago

Love it!! What a creepy dude.

iapetus999 about 14 years ago

Nice. Why bother sharpening it though?

TonyNoland about 14 years ago

Iapetus999: You ever try cutting someone's head off with a shovel? It dulls the edge like you wouldn't believe. If you don't sharpen it it between, the first one's fine, but every one after that is real work! almost 14 years ago

Oh, quite good, thank you. Galen gave me your link as "a large following". Will be watching for your stories now.

TonyNoland (joined about 14 years ago)
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