All I could do is stare. Rendered speechless by the impromptu, silly dance, I stood on the curb and crossed my arms across my stomach, a half smile curling my lips as I watched the motley crew before me dance and sway. Hands clapped above faces masked in what I could only describe as a mask straight from the Happy Mask Salesman from the Legend of Zelda.

Well, at least there was some bright spot to this dreary day. I swayed my hips to their chanting, to the low beats of their music as they moved, tapping my fingers rhythmically against my sides.

This was the kind of thing that had brought me into a real city. I'd grown up in a suburb that mimicked the real thing, but without the ease and anonymity. People didn't do fun things like this on cloudy days where I came from. They'd stay inside, too uncomfortable in their own skin to go out.

Too scared of what might be out there to have fun. After all, being in the wrong place at the wrong time was how every adventure turned into a horror story.

But here... No. Now a bigger crowd was clustering around me, pointing at the dance troupe and laughing, faces appreciative as they began to clap with the beat.


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