The water was clear. Wavy, but pleasant. The type of water you'd enjoy skipping rocks across. But this was not a time for horseplay. Nothing was in sight, nor had anything been in sight for the past 3 days. Floating, bobbing up and down in the middle of nowhere. How did this happen?

The water was foggy. You couldn't see all the way to the bottom, but you could see halfway through. The smell coming from the glass was very relaxing and a good start to a wonderful vacation away from it all. The clouds in the sky looked dark. The departure location was gloomy, but the destination was beautiful.

The water was brown. The coffee smelled delicious in the busy shop downtown. Not a chain, but a local store where everyone knew your name. The contest for the free vacation was to end tomorrow and the winner will have the trip of a lifetime.

The water was dark.


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kirkis (joined over 11 years ago)

Kirk G. I am an electrical engineering which implies that I am a horrible writer and awful with words. These stereotypes are true. I am going to attempt to write everyday for 30 or so days to improve my skills.
Short Bio: I am 23 years old, I go to Mich St, currently I am on an internship in Texas until Dec.
Edit: I have been slacking on writing a story everyday for 30 days... I'm going to try harder.

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