The water was clear. It was really vodka in her glass, though. Tonight she was getting wasted, for sure. Today's class lectures and her shitty breakup with Owen had Tonya crying about every 20 minutes in her dorm room, and she would run out of class like she had to go to the bathroom, but throwup and sob for about 5 minutes and nonchalantly go back to the lecture. Now she was at O'Callaghan's downtown and her vodka on the rocks was getting the job done, for now. She liked drinking straight, it got her drunk faster. Next she would move to her favorite guy, Jack. Jack Daniels in her system was bad news, but she was hating life and getting hammered was exactly what she needed. Four drinks in, her eyes glazed, and her strut shaken, Owen shows up in front of the bouncer at the door. "Get him the fuck out of here!" Tonya's friend, Kelly, screams.


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