The water was clear. It was really vodka in her glass, though. Tonight she was getting wasted, for sure. Today's class lectures and her shitty breakup with Owen had Tonya crying about every 20 minutes in her dorm room, and she would run out of class like she had to go to the bathroom, but throwup and sob for about 5 minutes and nonchalantly go back to the lecture. Now she was at O'Callaghan's downtown and her vodka on the rocks was getting the job done, for now. She liked drinking straight, it got her drunk faster. Next she would...

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Dear MIT,

Hi. My name is Jeff. I am six years old. I have a big sister named Jessica. My big sister likes you. She talks about you a lot. I think she really wants you to like her too. But she says she is worried you don't like her. She is worried you will choose someone else over her. Do you not like her? I think she is a great person. She is really smart, and really nice. I like her a lot, and I like when she is happy. I think she will be happy if you tell...

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We were out of gin. The night was off to a great start. How was I suppose to get blackout drunk within an hour. I had a case of beer but none were cold. I left the apartment and walked over to the liquor store. I'd eventually get there and then I'd return and get drunk.

Why the hell was it all the way down the block. Not to complain, but that was actually great. It kind of was a problem when week after week the same routine went down.

"If you just waited, we could've went to a bar"...

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Another Friday, another week gone.

I've been keeping track in my head. There's this week, then Finals week. Then there's Spring Break, Prom week, AP Test week, then two weeks of nothing before Graduation day.

I've been fighting with myself. Do I leave? Do I stay? For the longest time I've been wanting to leave and never look back. To leave this school, this home, this city, this state.

I've been mad at myself. Because only recently have I started noticing him. I've known him since middle school, but it's now, Senior year, that I realize I want to be...

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He pounded his head on the wall to the rhythm of the heavy bass. Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom.

He'd attempted diplomacy already. Repeated knocks on the door had gone unanswered. No wonder: they probably assumed it was the music.

He'd attempted passive-aggressively turning his own music up to the max. Some good that does on a MacBook.

Nor did calling the neighbors help. The RA he'd summoned had joined the party.

3am on a Tuesday morning, in finals week. Deridda wasn't getting any easier. What would Deridda do? Hey thought. WWDD. Which was about the sound his forehead made...

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I looked at my fellows roommates and had to suppress a giggle. I know costumes are supposed to be in jest, but we had really gone over the top. Plumage of chicken wire and silly string. Stilts and dinosaur arms.

Yes, it was that time of year again: Beer Mile.

We collected on the campus quad, shivering in the snow, awaiting the stroke of midnight. Ding Ding Ding...The drunken co-eds began their semi-annual drunken naked/costumed romp in celebration of the end of homework.

What else could be the source of such merriment?

As I rounded the corner of the field,...

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