I was trying to count them. The little bastards kept moving around, making me lose track, infuriating me to no end. I had been awake for almost thirty hours and sleep was no closer than it had been twenty-nine hours ago. Even my imagination wouldn't collaborate in sending me into unconsciousness. Goddamn sheep.

Sheep and sleep were two very similar words, I decided. I instantly sought to catalog all the words that rhymed with sleep. Bleep, steep, reap, peep, seep, weep, beep, keep, jeep. Meryl Streep.

The original verb still eluded me. It would be a long night (and day).


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Fablanta over 11 years ago

This really evokes the feeling of trying to get to sleep. You try to think of nothing but you mind keeps wandering from one random set of ideas to another. BUT....

Everybody knows when you look for rhyming words you go through the alphabet from A - Z. If you had the words would be sorted alphabetically and you wouldn't have missed creep, deep, heap, or leap :-)

the-arraignment over 11 years ago

I'm afraid my exhaustion was too deep to make that leap.

the-arraignment (joined over 13 years ago)

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