Divinity. Envied by those less fortunate to be born into royalty and riches. I look at the fat men that I cater to and the goddess-like wives. Oh how I despise these fat sultans of our backwards society. I watch everyday, as they come down to the pool, indulging their disgusting appetites, and scarfing down another man's hard labor. Ceaselessly, they surround themselves with more and more food, women, and indignifying entertainment. How is it that there is such a place where the fat and lazy sit on their asses all day, where as the hard, working, and noble servant it forced to lick the dirt from their masters feet.

I crack my neck once, twice, listening to the jingle of my heavy collar. I no longer care for my own life, I may not be able to continue, but at least I can say I lived as a freeman for a few last minutes. I grab the turkey knife and I charge!


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BobbyRebbel almost 13 years ago

*to NOT be born into

BobbyRebbel (joined almost 13 years ago)

Not one for Bio's, shall we just get straight to the fun?

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