Hats. They don't tell you all there is to hats. Hats are of course a fashionable item, they shield for our eyes, a blanket for our head. But hats don't allow your to show your self. I say "self" to describe that brilliant light and vibration that extends from every pore. The fluorescent and transcendent light that seem to be so pure in this tainted world. We all have one. But hats don't let them flow. Hats cover your Crown. Hats hide you.

You don't wear hats. That is when I knew. Your shines like a thousand suns of every hue and color. And every Vibration blew out like that of a 10 foot bass head. And I was blown away. And if you wore a hat it was your heart on your sleeve and I knew, and i stood by you


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GiuseppeFrancescoTalese almost 11 years ago

his =] lol

GiuseppeFrancescoTalese almost 11 years ago

his =] lol

Galen almost 12 years ago

Her naked pate
sealed your fate
and that's how
you found your mate

GiuseppeFrancescoTalese (joined almost 12 years ago)

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