Cal reckoned he had it all just about figured.

Darlene, the victim, had spent some time with the cult back in '07. In November of that year, she split, taking with her something the cultists valued - valued a whole hell of a lot.

That didn't sit well with the Parler Jamais folks, so the sent a couple of guys over here to do her in. As for the recording, well, it was probably just to intimidate other cult members or something.

It ALMOST fit the evidence perfectly, but there were a few details that kept tugging at the seams. If Darlene had stolen some money, what was she doing here in the States turning tricks? If the murderer had recovered whatever she'd stolen, why hadn't they found anything of value on any of the suspects? Cal had some trouble believing that the cult would send one of their highest-ranking members out to another country just to execute someone who had plain deserted. It didn't quite add up.

The only thing that made sense to Cal was that the thing Darlene had wasn't money or anything tangible, but a secret. A secret the Francois and the cult didn't want known.

He was still mulling the case over in his mind when he noticed them watching. Two fellows dressed in stripes with painted faces. Not saying a


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Galen almost 10 years ago

It continues! (I'm clearly a few days behind.)

the-arraignment (joined about 10 years ago)

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