"I hate everyone today," he said.

"Everyone?" she asked.


"Even me?"

"Well, except you."

"Glad to hear it."

"I hate everyone else, though. And everything else."

"Do you hate black people?"

"Well, no - I mean, yes, but no more or less than anyone else."

"How about Indians? Or Lithuanians?"

"I hate everybody equally. I'm not a bigot or anything."

"I see."

"But I still hate them. I hate all of them."

"That's nice, do you hate animals, too?"

"Yes. I hate animals, too."

"Even kittens?"

"Um ... I guess. I hate them all."

"Well, that includes kittens. How...

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The running wasn't the best part - but it was the part he did best. With pumping arms and striding legs, he moved gracefully around the track, passing others without a second thought or glance, as though there were mere statues standing still and in his way.

The best part was the winning. But he wasn't a very good winner. Oh, he smiled and shook hands and took his trophy or medal and posed for photos, but he was already thinking about the next race. And when fellow runners came to congratulate him, he didn't care. He was, if such...

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