Days like this embolden me
To comment on the quality
Of 6ms's frustrating UI.

The problems with the pagination
Require no imagination
To fix, and also I must wonder why

Some days I cannot find a prompt
(Or anything that rhymes with prompt)
And my reliance on the site is waning.

Don't get me wrong, I'm here to stay
Or else I'd surely go away
But sometimes it can be quite aggravating.

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Which watch are you watching?
Which way are you talking?
All the boys
And all the girls
Will never cease their marching.

Is waiting the answer?
Or being a dancer?
And chasing
A garish romancer.

It's better to be
Alone in the forest
For there you can see

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"Just one second, I implore you!"
said Marie as the guillotine descended
"I know there's no chance
That my fate will be rescinded.
But I must correct myself
For records and textbooks historic
In the int'rest of lurid TV
what I said was, 'Let them eat COURIC'."

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Upon my soft upholstered chair
I sat and spoke into the air
For they were listening, you see
The ones who come and sit with me

I cannot see them, though I try
Their form is but a wistful sigh
More solemn than a flow'ring tree
The ones who come and sit with me

I have no proof that they exist
But still my thoughts of them persist
A secret kept? A fantasy?
The ones who come and sit with me

My audience in silence waits
As softly I pass though their gates

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