Such a familiar word.
Im not sure what it means and what it looks like but i can feel it.
I feel it for a long time since i can't remember.
I feel it brings heavy and pain.

People see me, im nervous.
Their pain eyes.
Their sorry eyes.
Their cynical eyes.
Their fellow eyes.

I'm going home.
I look in the mirror to find what people saw in me.
I can't get anything.
Ok, im going to sleep.


I wake up.
Remembering that last night i dreamt of my Mom wrote my middle name; Lauft, for hundred...

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I jumped. She jumped. My heart jumped. My soul jumped. My shadow jumped. My vision jumped. My brain jumped. My arm jumped. All of me was jumped. My foot are the last to jumped. Jumped. Jumped. Jumped. There's nothing left. Nothing. Nothing.

But you!

I wait you to jump.

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