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I do stuff with websites, words, music, photos and film. Currently working full time in UK local government.


In hindsight, the solution was simple. But Tim hadn't thought that five minutes ago.

The boy pounded the keyboard furiously; letters, numbers and symbols flashing across the screen.

Dave peered over the other boys shoulder, tentatively.

"Are you sure you can do this?" he asked.

Tim ignored this comment. Of course he could do it. Yes, they would detect the hack in a matter of minutes, but he never doubted his ability to circumvent their security before then.

He began to type faster, his fingers a blur.

Dave stepped back, sweat beginning to bead his head. If they could get...

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The warm breeze touched her face, sparking memories of his fingertips and how they would brush her hair from her eyes in their moments of tenderness. She remained standing still, her eyes closed, for some time.

Eventually she opened them and looked down the grassy hill to the town below, the tall ships in the harbour, the people bustling on the docks. He was there. Somewhere.

She could see his ship off in the distance, it's distinctive sails billowing in the wind. Glancing back down at the dock she wondered when others would spot it.

After what seemed like an...

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Once, in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway. She shielded her eyes from the flashes of light that arced across the blackened sky, her face soaked with tears, her heart pounding in her chest as the cacophony of noise rattled her skull.

In London, a family huddled together in a corner of their living room, across from the window that had blown itself out from the force of the first impact. They held between them the grandmothers crucifix, praying to their God as if he could save them.

A man stood atop the Eifel...

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