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There's somebody standing in the corner of my room.

Did you not hear me?
Let me say it again.

There is somebody standing in the corner of my room.

A blonde little girl sucking her thumb and staring back at me with these big brown eyes. She wears a ragged green dress that she held fisted in the hand that wasn't in her mouth.

"Hi," she muttered around her thumb. "Someone told me you could help me."

I stared back at her dumbstruck with my jaw on the floor. After I picked it up I asked, "Who exactly are you?"...

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I'm dead. Really dead. Not the "There'll be a twist in the end and I'll be saved" kind of way. Just dead.

I keep thinking back to how I died.
I don't remember how I died really. I think I fell.
Are you suppose to remember how you die? Or is that weird?
Is there some sort of weird rule of death that you can't remember how you die?

I feel like I can walk everywhere and find no one. Death is strangely lonely and empty. Am I the only one here?

I wish I could tell you what it...

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"I-I can't reach it," she choked out.
The small girl had been lying at the base of a tree in the woods, to weak to move, but too motivated to give up. Running away was not easy, but worth it.
Her cheek was bloodied and so were her legs.

Her rabbit left abandoned in a gaping hole in the tree. She dropped it, and now she couldn't get it back.

She twisted around painfully and poked her head into the hole to find an assortment of bugs making a home of the hole and of her rabbit.

The tears she...

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They crouched to peer beneath the stairs.
The twins had a knack for being in places they really shouldn't and this was no exception.
But really, this time it wasn't their fault.
They were identical in every way. Hair. Voice. Eyes. Mannerisms. Everything.
The two of them together, one would have never outdone the other. They were too nice for that. But if a situation required them to take on different roles, then you know that something is terribly wrong.
The one on the left had tears streaming down her cheeks. Her voice would shake now when she talked. She...

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He ran in the room, his heart pounding, and his clothes soaking wet. A man was sitting across the room in a fat leather chair, the kind you see CEOs with. His back to the sopping boy.
The boy stood panting with his back against the door, his eyes closed and his head tilted at the ceiling. "S-sorry. I ran into some trouble on the way here."
With every drop of water that landed on his carpet the man cringed. He could hear it ruining the material. He took a deep breath, "Please, have a seat."
With complete disregard for...

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"Wait, so he hit you?"
I nodded furiously, still trying to chew what was left in my mouth before retelling the all-to-famous story of how "Yes, he hit me." No one every seemed to believe me.
But it happened. No kidding. It really happened. He hit me.
Not that I would tell anyone. Ya know, other than my best friends.
Okay, so a lot of people.
It's not a big deal. I swear.

So this is how it goes. Or at least, how I remember it. . .
I was in the backyard, wading my feet in the pool...

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