"I-I can't reach it," she choked out.
The small girl had been lying at the base of a tree in the woods, to weak to move, but too motivated to give up. Running away was not easy, but worth it.
Her cheek was bloodied and so were her legs.

Her rabbit left abandoned in a gaping hole in the tree. She dropped it, and now she couldn't get it back.

She twisted around painfully and poked her head into the hole to find an assortment of bugs making a home of the hole and of her rabbit.

The tears she had held back from the moment she had stepped outside the her house began to come to the surface. At the sight of her rabbit trapped in a hole she let herself go.

She slumped her head against the tree and let the tears fall free.

Her parents found her in the backyard the next morning and brought her inside along with the rabbit.


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