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How do you tell a child that it's over? How do you explain in short, fleeting moments that they have reached the end?

I was always so proud of this child. I hadn't known her for long, but when we found her, she was like a celestial reminder that good remained in the world and that we always have something to fight for. She brought us a reminder of innocence in our darkest and most twisted days, and for that I will forever be thankful.

I had loved watching her grow up. She would tell me tales of imaginary people...

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"I-I can't reach it," she choked out.
The small girl had been lying at the base of a tree in the woods, to weak to move, but too motivated to give up. Running away was not easy, but worth it.
Her cheek was bloodied and so were her legs.

Her rabbit left abandoned in a gaping hole in the tree. She dropped it, and now she couldn't get it back.

She twisted around painfully and poked her head into the hole to find an assortment of bugs making a home of the hole and of her rabbit.

The tears she...

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"You just have to reach."

There was no response. I looked down at Bunny, who had reached a moment before and felt the horror of the moment. He had returned to the down. He was nothing more then the fluff he was filled with any more.

I couldn't reach him, and he could no longer reach me.

We'd been together for so long, and I thought I knew him. But there it was. He was looking down, just a little to the side, and the black buttons of his eyes were no longer bright and interested, but simply buttons.


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Mr. Floppers was clearly possessed. He watched little Billy eating his breakfast, his beady black eyes cold and unfeeling. Billy had felt uneasy ever since his father shoved the still warm plush body into his arms a few days ago.

There was something not right about that bunny. Not right at all.

At first it was little things. The staring. The unmoving frown. Then Billy noticed the bunny seemed to move from where he'd placed him.

Last night he'd had a nightmare in which his fluffy companion crouched over him, opening his mouth to reveal a set of cold white...

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