"Wait, so he hit you?"
I nodded furiously, still trying to chew what was left in my mouth before retelling the all-to-famous story of how "Yes, he hit me." No one every seemed to believe me.
But it happened. No kidding. It really happened. He hit me.
Not that I would tell anyone. Ya know, other than my best friends.
Okay, so a lot of people.
It's not a big deal. I swear.

So this is how it goes. Or at least, how I remember it. . .
I was in the backyard, wading my feet in the pool and staring at a bird with one eye closed. I kept making lazer noises with my mouth pretending to shoot them down with my mind. It never worked though.
I wasn't doing anything to bug him. He was inside, playing with dad.
But I heard the glass door open and he came waddling towards me with his action figure in his hands.
And he ran at me wi


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