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"It is here. Start digging." the large man pointed with his hat.

"How do you know? What is this treasure?"

"Dig, or I will kill you where you stand. And then it will have to be a larger hole to put you in."

"You could kill me anyway." the small man said.

"If the treasure is as valuable as the spirits say it is, I think we'll both get what we deserve, coward. That is what they promised."

And so the snivelling man dug until there was a large hole. When he declared he had found something he was pushed...

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"Grandpop's teeth didn't look like that."

"How do you know?"

"Because mom always said you got his teeth. Do your teeth look like that?"

"Maybe after they'd been in the ground for fifty years."

"Not even. Look at the length of them."

"No, teeth keep growing after you die."

"That's nails, dummy. And they have to be attached still. You think teeth keep growing if they're just loose like this?"

"Who can say?"

"You know who would know?"

"Yeah, but she can't exactly tell us, now can she?"

"Well, she'd know for sure."

"Grandma's probably the one who did it...

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A small flower
Just a seed
planted in the dark
you were fed, to grow, to blossom.

In the dark you grew,
Spreading your leaves out so far,
Reaching for the light,
Almost touching it,

You found it,
But it was too soon
You wilted
Curling back into the dark.

Your thorns, so sharp,
Gripping with all their strength,
Holding tightly,
Waiting for life.

Back into the dark you went,
into the ground,
Forever in the earth,
Never to grow.

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Price of a roll of Kodachrome: $5
Cost of the Canon camera: $200
Wage per photo published in Life Magazine: $25
Price per bushel of corn: $2
Day's wages for detasselers: $0.25

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