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Glistening in the magnificent turquoise waters, a school of fish emerged for their morning feed. Thousands of millions of fish migrated through the gorgeous sea just tempting the young fisherman, who had been waiting for the perfect catch since the night before. Every first Tuesday of the month he ventured out hoping for that ideal catch that would leave his family proud.
He started his trips out to the great waters with his grandfather at six years old.
Though he died that year, the boy, at age 26, still continued to dedicate his livelihood to his grandfather’s love of fishing....

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Circus time and the big top was humming with activity. Punters were arriving and children were shrieking for ice cream. The trapeze artists were warming up and I was standing holding one of the rope ladders steady as the Frazelli Family (Fantastical Flyers) were assuming their positions on the high wire.
Suddenly, there was a shriek from Bobobono, one of our clowns (not a very funny one if you ask me, but then I have never liked clowns).
"A child has fallen in the river."
At the bottom of the muddy field where we were camped, there ran a river....

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"You toddled around your aunt's spacious yard in your pastel dress with lacy white ruffles, matching bloomers showing beneath. When you found one egg, you carried it so carefully. When you found another, you gently picked it up, and held an egg cupped in each tiny palm, then smashed them together." My grandfather chuckled as he looked at the picture of me hunting Easter eggs on Aunt Lois' farm. He loved to tell that story, and loved to see the adoration for me that shined in his eyes as did told it. I miss him.

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Trivia. I only found out when one of my (many) credit cards was refused. Then a debt collection agency letter arrived. Finally, some landlord of office space told me I was 9 months in arrears and I had two days to remove my stuff.

I repeated the story again. I couldn't remember how many times now, but it was burned into my memory.

"As you said in your statement to the police. Word for word, in fact. Impressive." the Prosecutor slowly clapped, keeping an eye on the Jury, but expertly mindful of annoying the Judge. "Now could you please tell...

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My sister signed me up for yoga the day before yesterday. And all I could think about were the yoga girl's toenails. She was the participant in front of me, on a pink mat patterned with yellow flowers. Sitting in the most uncomfortable position of my life, it was her toenails that bothered me. Sitting 10 inches in front of my face, yellowed and cracked, with an attempted cover up of aquamarine polish. "Excuse me, " I wanted to say, "That toenail polish does nothing for you." Or perhaps, "Excuse me, could you help me get my elbow out of...

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"Lifetime Warranty - Satisfaction Guaranteed" the adverts had promised. "No one has ever returned a loveBot 7000 in the history of the company."

He flicked through the manual. Ah there it was: "If you are genuinely unhappy call THIS toll-free number…"

After keying in a few tones - he hated automated call centres - he had been put on hold by what he assumed to be a clever computer, but was in fact a rather stupid one.

The loveBot sat up, watching him lovingly, with her 'come to bed' eyes. It had entranced him at first. That, compliance, and...

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The farmer, his wife, the plough boy, and both maids set off towards the barn, with the old woman hobbling after. She muttered incantations as they walked through the village, then whispered to herself:

"All shall be well. All manner of things shall be well."

When they were within, Will took Pog's hand. "Will ye dance as we did at our wedding?"

"Happen I will, Master." she replied with a courtesy. Meg saw, if none other (saving maybe Will himself) the years fall from her face.

Mary didn't wait to ask, or be asked, but simply grabbed and pulled Tom's...

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Bess lock eyed Meg as their minds circled each other warily.

"if I were a cat I'd scratch you." she ventured.

"A dog, I'd bite you." Meg countered.

"As a bear I'd press you down…"

"A horse I'd kick…"

"If I was a buzzard I'd swoop with talons…"

"A Magpie, I'd mob you with heavy wings…"

"A hornet I'd sting…"

"A swallow, I'd flit and dart with sharpened beak…"

"And what would it get you, Old Meg?"

"Methinks the same as you,Young Bess. Naught but ill."

They stopped mentally pacing. A battle over that had never begun.

"What now then,...

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The wise woman quietly opened the door, like a portal to the Other World, where a young woman's fist was held up as if to knock. Whether it was caught by her speed or its own hesitation, Meg wasn't sure.

"Expected was I?" a sweet voice entered the room.

The crone shrugged. "Bess is it?" At least it was mortal kin.

"We both know you would be here one way or another. One day or another."

"Do I have thy leave to enter, Elder One?" the spoken song continued. Sweet insolence lost on the witnesses.

"Do YOU not THOU me!"...

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The plough boy Tom burned a different colour; a mix of jealous green and blue regret. Typical of a young man, losing his purse in an unfair wager.

The witch could see two snakes writhing in the boy's head. Still, to his credit, he kept his tongue when ill placed words would have caused much harm to all present. If he could weather the coming storm, he would have grown into his boots, as Meg's mother would have said.

Each person crushed into Meg's cot had their own story to tell. Maybe his was hasty revenge and slower repentance. Either...

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