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The whole day, every conversation, made up of trivia.
In the hairdressers, as she was washed, chopped, primped and preened, a plehora of trivia punctuated the air.
Holidays (of course) and the weather (predictably). The latest reality show shockers (nauseating) and trivia about cat hairs (surprisingly).
Over two hours she knew all about the hair stylists horrific corns, her allergy to peanuts and passion for Jimmy Choos.
But trivia has it's uses.
Especially when your stalking your husbands latest fancy piece. She would soon be dead.

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My best friend is a guy called Peter and he's incredible at talking to people. He has a vault of information in his head that he's gotten from all of his past conversations with people. When he meets someone new he merely tells them what he knows so far about their hometown and then lets them build upon it, this he'll take to the next person he meets from there and so on. I was with him the other day and we were talking to a guy from south africa, we live in australia, and the guy was used to...

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She was a goddess.

Her sacrifices were mostly time; her father was procrastination, and through him most of her sacrifices were received. Her temple was the internet, the pub, every conversation which began "I read somewhere - ", or "I saw the other day - ", or "Am I right in thinking - "

Quizzes were her festivals. Celebrations of (arguably) useless knowledge. The glory of simply knowing something, with no comprehension of whether it was to be useful or not, the pleasure based in facts.

She was worshipped frequently, albeit unbeknownst to most.

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I fumbled about with my phone, waiting. She was going to be late, but I was always early. Damn nature and nurture. Or is it nurture and nature? What the hell, man. Concentrate.

She went to Northern Illinois. She got a degree in English and is currently working as a barista. God, what a stereotype.

It's ok, get out of your comfort zone.

Ok, I think that's her. Is that her? No, no. The picture of her didn't look like that. I am way too overdressed for this place.

And I hate tea. Why did I get tea? Should I...

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Just put it away, I don't want to play.

Come on.

Not now.

Come on, we're just sitting here waiting. You know it'll take forever for them to get back to us.

Okay, fine.

All right, who invented the hot air balloon?

I did.

No, the Montgolfier Brothers.


Listen, if you're gonna answer "me" for every question, it's not gonna be fun.

It's not fun.

You're a real drag.

I'm just having an off day. Let's sit in silence.

Let's try another question.


What is next week's winning lottery number?

That's it. I've got to go.

Oh, come...

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