We had been the best of friends all though high school. It was summer after senior year and we would soon be off to our respective colleges. This was going to be one last slumber party; one last tribute to the way we had spent most weekends throughout the last four years.

Mindy had brought the tequilla, which was a recent development. I mean, slumber parties as freshmen didn't include booze. I furnished the barn, or rather my parents did. The night was soft and warm and the air was sweet with mown grass, and if you didn't mind the occasional bat, the barn was a great place to be. Sally brought a joint and a Ouija board. We were going to try to predict what our first year apart would be like.

We wore our white nightgowns and the joint and most of the tequilla consumed, were running around on the lawn, laughing in the moonlight. The Ouija board had been forgotten, as well as the mysterious future. That night was all about the present, and our friendship.


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Gone Awry about 13 years ago

That's so great! Kinda sad, though. This is their last slumber party. :(

ChrissDalenKlaastad (joined about 13 years ago)

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