"Wait! Wait!" Sam huffed and ran.

There was a red light, which finally made the huge white vehicle stop. It's lights weren't flashing, so Sam was sure the driver wasn't too busy.

He banged on the door only stopping when the window rolled down.


"Please!" Sam pulled in huge gulps of air. "I really could use a ride to the-" gulp, "-nearest gas station."

Blankly, the driver stared. "Seriously, dude?" the man chuckled. His deep blue eyes looked amused. "Does this look like a taxi to you?"

"No, of course not, and I completely understand!" Sam raised both hands in mock surrender. "But, my car-" he pointed behind him, "-I ran out of gas."

"Yeah," the driver drolled, rolling the window up slowly, "I forget the part where that's my problem."

"Dude!" Sam was beyond frustrated. "You're supposed to help people!"

"Right!" the driver agreed. "Sick people! Are you sick?"

"Yeah," Sam huffed. "Yeah, I am. Sick of being stranded! Sick of standing outside of a perfectly good ambulance that could take me anywhere I need to go."

"Look, it'd be great to help you. Really," the driver shrugged his shoulders. "But, I can't just pick up random people just because they need a ride. Don't you bother checking your gas?"

"So, I wasn't careful. Just, please help?"

The driver sighed. and finally said. "Fine. Get it. But you're on your own getting back."

And that's how Sam got a ride.


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