"I object!"

The whole church turned and stared at the woman panting uncontrollably at the doors. Heather couldn't believe she actualy made it right on time. This type of thing only happened on T.V, or so she thought.

She moved steadily down the ilse, getting mixtures of confusion, anger and outright amusement gazes from the crowd. Of course, Paul would look confused. He stepped away from his bride, who could have melted the mesh of her veil from the looks she gave.

"Heather," Paul cleared his throat, looking around the huge crowd. "What the heck are you doing here?"

"Fighting," Heather grabbed his hands. "Fighting desperately for you."

There was a slight buzz througout the audience, and a light blush ran over Paul's face. He sighed. "Heather, we talked about this..."

"No. I talked. And you ran," she shook him. "You know you love me as much as I love you. Why are you doing this to us?"

Paul turned to look at his bride, noticing the annoyance radiating from her. "Just a minute, love," he sighed towards her. Then, looking at Heather again: "Listen. It's like I said before. Sarah and I are in love. Just because of some high school crush you had on me before..."

"High school crush?" Heather's voice cracked. "Is that...is that really all I was to you?"

Someone let out a agitated sound in the audience. Paul stroked Heather's cheek. "No, love. Nopt at the time. But, Sarah and I have a life together now," he turned from her. "You can either leave, or watch."


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