There was blood on my pillow. I flew out of bed as soon as I noticed it, but I could not remember where it had come from. I began to panic as I stared at it and tried to think about what I had done.

Was I attacked?

Was I drunk?

Was I a party in pillow-related homicide?

These questions whirled through my head until a sudden noise nearly knocked me over with fright. The phone was ringing. I worried about who might be calling, and simultaneously tried to collect myself. "Hello," I said, "Who ith thith?"

These words alone made me remember what had happened. I dropped the phone and ran back to my room to make sure. I threw my pillow to the ground and, just as I had thought, I found a dollar bill.

The Tooth Fairy got aggressive.


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TimSevenhuysen over 9 years ago

Nice build-up and payoff!

Galen over 9 years ago

DashP, welcome to the site. After this story, I'm definitely glad you're here. :)

TimSevenhuysen over 9 years ago

Funny how two people can come up with the same idea based on the same prompt. :)

It's gnosis!

DashP (joined over 9 years ago)

Herp derp derp.

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