Giving in wasn't an option, but there was little else she could do.

"Ok, ok," she told the young galant with the sharp blade, "take whatever you want. Just don't hurt me."

The rascal had a look in his eye so sharp it could cut glass. "What I want, my lady," he said, drawing the space out between words to give them import, "is you."

The young woman's eyes widened, her ruby lips opened, but words failed her.

Reaching down, he made himself ready for his reward; then laid his hands upon-

her chastity belt.

Freed of the constraints of...

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There was blood on my pillow. I flew out of bed as soon as I noticed it, but I could not remember where it had come from. I began to panic as I stared at it and tried to think about what I had done.

Was I attacked?

Was I drunk?

Was I a party in pillow-related homicide?

These questions whirled through my head until a sudden noise nearly knocked me over with fright. The phone was ringing. I worried about who might be calling, and simultaneously tried to collect myself. "Hello," I said, "Who ith thith?"

These words alone...

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This was the month she was going to do it. Yes, really. This time.

Sitting down at the keyboard she faced the blank screen. First things first, time for coffee.

Now she could start. Come on, come on, come on. Where is my muse?

She strokes the keboard, searching internally for inspiration.


At first she thinks the computer screen is broken. Or maybe a virus has hijacked her software. She peers in astonishment.

A green face is forming in front of her eyes. At first the details are vague and hazy. Then it grows clearer. Yes, definitely a face....

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