-The thought of having to tell you my life story for forensic reasons, is quite barbaric to me. Is there any other way you can learn what you need to know?

-No. Go ahead. We need a summary of your life in order to rule you out as part of this crime. If we don't have that chronology, we can't do that. It looks very much like you are a perpetrator but this longer timeline will give us context for the short term timeline. Go ahead.

-{Sighs} Okay. As you know, I was born In Mount Auburn, NY. I lived there the first 17 years of my life. Not much happened. I used to play in cemeteries by the time I was 7. I saw ghosts. Before you go calling me a psycho, or delusional, all I was really, was a Goth. I got over it, but still am not afraid of death, or of dying. I know more about the after life than most people believe.

-Okay-okay- thank you for being so honest, but please try to focus on facts.

-I am focusing on facts! These things happened.

-Ok, more specifically, we want to know what YOU yourself have done in your life and what has been done to you, in general. Major milestones. Please. Forget about the ghost stories. You can tell them later. What is the basic history of you, yourself?

-You guys are no fun. Allright. So I played in cemeteries because my mother was never around.


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