"I want grandchildren."

"I know, ma. But, I'm just not ready for-"

"-Did I ask you what you're ready for?" ma interrupted me, once again. "I'm old, lonely and in need of grandchildren. As my only child, you owe me that."

I closed my eyes and sighed heavily. Why? Why does my mother torture me so? "Listen, I really do have to-"

"-When are you going to get a man?"


"Don't act surprised. You're 28. You've never had a steady boyfriend. The girls in my book club are starting to wonder about you."

Embarassment covered me from head to toe. "Your friends don't have anything to worry about."

"Well, they won't. I've already set you up with someone."

I sighed, nearly whimpering. "Mother, please."

"You need some help, Gladys. Clearly, you do. And, as your mother is always there for you, I've found you a nice young man. He has a steady job, and no kids. Can you believe that? How often do you find a near thirty year old with no children? I mean, besides you, of course."

Rolling my eyes, I snapped, "Mother! Please, drop this."

"Until when?" her voice escalated. "Till I'm dead? I'll never get grandchildren if I don't take any kind of action! You're going to give me what I want, because I want it now!"

"Mother. What about me? When you're done snuggling and cuddling with the kid, who's gonna get stuck with it?"

"Well, if you had a decent job, maybe a nanny."

"Mom," I leaned back against my bed, looking to the book I was hoping to finish. That hope was gradually disappearing. "Did you call here to complain about my whole life?"

"No. Not that. To tell you I love you."


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RebeccaEmin almost 12 years ago

Ha, this is absolutely brilliant! I love it!

RebeccaEmin almost 12 years ago

Also... wow you must right super fast!

HeatherGwrites almost 12 years ago

lol thanks, I do type quickly. Glad you liked it. Thank you!

HeatherGwrites (joined almost 12 years ago)
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