Lost, without a hand to hold, I ran. I had no clue where I was going, but I knew from what I was running. The empty greyness of the city loomed over and surrounded me as I ran. I knew I was moving at some speed and yet I seemed not to be moving at all, enveloped as I was by miles of empty streets. I could see the sun setting and as the light dwindled, my heart began to pound harder and harder, faster and faster. The darkness dropped down onto me, covering the city in it's folds, like a heavy black cloak.

I craned my head back, trying to see over my shoulder as I ran. I glimpsed a flash of something horrible, lurching towards me through the black, it's outline twisted. Suddenly, I tripped over a loose stone and fell to my knees, coughing and clutching my chest from the strain of the flight.

I slowly lifted my head and looked into the face of despair.


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thriller suspense Horror mystery Supernatural


Horror first person descriptive suspensful macabre hell


Lost, without a hand to hold.
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