I awoke, bleary eyed to an explosion of noise outside my room. I lay there still, playing the situation through my mind, wondering what on earth could be happening. It was cold, my face especially so. Suddenly I felt a wetness there and lifted my head so that I could look down at where my head had been resting. There was blood on my pillow. The smell of it hit me with some force and I almost fainted. I touched my cheek where it had rested and felt the blood there on my face. Was it mine?

The noises outside grew louder and closer. I sat terrified in the bed. A knock came at the door.


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DefinitelyTaran (joined over 9 years ago)


Writer of fantasy, plays and haiku.

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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0


thriller Horror mystery


suspense fear blood bump in the night



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