I jumped. Where was I going? I have no idea. Seemed like the thing to do at the time. My friends told me to jump and I did. What was it that my mom always said to me...(thinking, thiking...."Don't do whaqt your firends always tell you to do...") Oh yeah, that's right. Well, I didn't listen. I did exaclty what my momther always told me not to do. I did what everyone else was doing. So, as I fell, fell, fell...kept falling (where was I going?) I knew this was a bad idea. I loked down, and goll darnit I could;'t even see whare I was falling to! It was never ended. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I looked down and started to see something....Oh snap. A dragon. Well, it looked like a dragon. As gravity took me closer and closr (stupid gravity) I realized it wasn;t a dragon. It was the biggest hamburger I had ever seen. The top of the bun was off and I was heading straight for the burger. I thoight, "This woquld be the only time I would have been ok if McDonalds had still been using pink slime in its buirgers, cause I think it would make for a softer landing". Well, they were'nt. What were they putting in those tasty burgers instead of pink slime? I hope it's soft and squishy, cause I was about to land


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