Who is that person in the corner of my room? is it a person? is it an animal of somekind? Perhaps I should have looked more closely. I mean, come on? How did that person, that thing, get into my room? If it is a person, I'll bet it's the kind of person who thinks its funny to disturn a teacher's class when they are tyriong to do an activity that will benefit eveyrone, because on the STAAR test, well...you know what that test is all about. if it is a person, and that person did make me upsetin that way, what should I do? For one thing, I would surely noteify his coach and his parents. Not sure what they will do, but I'll bet it won;t be pleasaent. Anyway, niot even sure what happened to the story I was telkling you, oh, you see, that's what happens when someone tries to make the class about themselves and doesn't consider everyone else. Not sure why he thought that was funny, but we'll see if he's laughing after I talk to Coach Brantley. Anyway, back to me story...again. This thing in the corner of my room....wait, idea: hit the light switch. If it's an animal, that animal will be scraed. If it's a person, I'm sure I'll find out real quick who they are and what I can do to get them the heck out of my room!


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There's somebody standing in the corner of my room.
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