No one really knew that Danny possess a magical power. Ever since he was a kid, he discovered that he has capabilities beyond any kids in the block. No one did ever knew, let alone his parents or his sister, Therese, that he can read minds.

Before anyone could think of something, he already reads what is in their head. He can feel all the emotions, the hurt, the anger and frustration of everyone. It is like an incessant shadow that even devoid of light, it still follows him around.

No one really knew about Danny's powers. He is wise enough to keep it to himself. He choose to so, he can take it to his advantage. It could either make him or break him.

Sometimes he gets tired of these powers thinking more of them as a gift or a curse. Either of the two, as he chooses...


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quezonia (joined about 12 years ago)

I am a novice in the world of writing. English is my second language but i would like to conquer this barrier, improve to be better and open my mind to possibilities. I am a disciple of writing. An avid fan to writers. Appreciative always to the world of literature, prose and art.

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