"What are you laughing about Jes?", inquired Sally.

"I just had the most wonderful dream", replied Jes.

"Can you tell me what is it about? Did you dream about winning the lottery? Or becoming a sophisticated cover shoot model? Come one now, spill it here? I want the details!"

Jes hesitatingly replies, "uhmm, well its about an ordinary day. I was in a beautiful beach and oh, i can only just imagine the warmth of the sun, the smell of the sea breeze and the feel of the wind in my hair".

"It was just perfect day", Jes added.


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"At long last it is a weekend", says Katherine. She didn't question why she was in this seedy club. She didn't care at all. She just wants to forget all the happenings in her life. Her work,her boyfriend and even her troublesome dog. Katherine didn't much care. She has decided that she has cared to everyone most her life. She always took everyone's interest before her own. But not this time, not when the disco is sparklinglt turning.

The music was so loud, the lights were so dim and there were many people clustered in groups. Katherine just sat on...

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No one really knew that Danny possess a magical power. Ever since he was a kid, he discovered that he has capabilities beyond any kids in the block. No one did ever knew, let alone his parents or his sister, Therese, that he can read minds.

Before anyone could think of something, he already reads what is in their head. He can feel all the emotions, the hurt, the anger and frustration of everyone. It is like an incessant shadow that even devoid of light, it still follows him around.

No one really knew about Danny's powers. He is wise...

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