"What are you laughing about Jes?", inquired Sally.

"I just had the most wonderful dream", replied Jes.

"Can you tell me what is it about? Did you dream about winning the lottery? Or becoming a sophisticated cover shoot model? Come one now, spill it here? I want the details!"

Jes hesitatingly replies, "uhmm, well its about an ordinary day. I was in a beautiful beach and oh, i can only just imagine the warmth of the sun, the smell of the sea breeze and the feel of the wind in my hair".

"It was just perfect day", Jes added.

"That is just great! I wish i could have dreamt of it too", said Sally.

" There is more to this than just the view.I was standing with the man of my dreams. I never met him before but it seems like he knows me so well. He held my hands like his life depended on it and we were peacefully watching the horizon",Jes added with a blush.

"That is just the perfect scenery Jes!!"

"It is the nearest thing to heaven Sally, I swear to you. It was just the perfect day", a tear unnoticeably fell down from her face.

"Hush hush dear, it is gonna be alright", replied Sally.

More tears fell as Jes said, "The dream has been wonderful, yet it would never be real". Jes was all along looking along where she sat. She was in a wheel chair for over 5 years now after her car accident. She felt the frustration and the longing of someone she met in a dream.


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I am a novice in the world of writing. English is my second language but i would like to conquer this barrier, improve to be better and open my mind to possibilities. I am a disciple of writing. An avid fan to writers. Appreciative always to the world of literature, prose and art.

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