My feet ached, but it was well worth it. I stood in front of the house, my chest heaving with the effort of my panting. Oxygen could not come to me quickly enough, and yet, I kept sighing, wanting to prepare myself for this moment. I slowly walked up to the door, biting my lip. Should I knock? Should I wait for someone to show up? I looked around-- there was a car nearby. I hurriedly brushed the tears from my face and peeked inside the window. I couldn't see anyone inside. Perhaps now would be the best time. Right when I needed it, he would be there for me.

I opened the outer door and went to knock when metal caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. Following the flash of light, I looked over and saw the bike. It was leaning against the tree. I hadn't been looking over that way. She was here. I lowered my hand and let out one last heavy sigh, letting the slam of the door cover the sound of my voice as I hurried off, hiding by the side of the house. I could hear the squeak of the door as it opened from the inside.

"What is it, honey? Is someone there?" I could hear her voice coming from inside.

"No. I don't see anyone here. Must have been my imagination."

And so I was.


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My feet ached, but it was well worth it.
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