A tall man stands in a park. His eye and cheek are crimson, blackening. A policeman stands next to him, getting out his notepad.

Policeman: Sir, is this your goat?
Tall man: No.
Policeman: Right. Can you tell me exactly what happened?
Tall man: Well, I was in my office and I saw a man underneath the tree. The goat was up there.
The tall man points to a branch of the tree. The policeman raises one eyebrow.
Tall Man: I thought the man was unconscious. I dialed emergency services, but they didn't believe me.
Policeman: No...
Tall Man: Anyway, the man got up and left. And it was down to me to get the goat down.
Policeman: So it was the man that hit you?
Tall Man: No. The goat.
Policeman: Sorry?
Tall Man: No. It was the goat. I was trying to pull it down, from behind. And it kicked me.
The policeman looks at the man, and puts his notebook away.
Policeman: Right.


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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0


comedy bizarre


Bizarre comedy saga about a tall man and an unrelated goat.



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