When I was 12, I went to sea. Don't ask me which. I don't know.

It was sometimes blue, and it was sometimes green. And when it got dark, it was black.

The air always felt clear and cold, pushing itself down into your chest. It filled your belly up. Then it would come out hot. Hot and wet.

You could look out, and out, and out. There was just the sky, and then there was the sea. Don't ask me which. I don't know.

Just the sky sitting on the sea.
Except once, there was something else.

Once there was land. And I felt nothing.


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DefinitelyTaran about 11 years ago

This is really good Kathryn! I hope you continue to use the sight as I'd very much like to read more from you. I really love the style this is written in.

Kathy_AndStuff (joined about 11 years ago)

A strange, somersetian, girl-type thing. Drama student at Aberystwyth University, adoring life, and always seeking MOAR. In love and stuff. Welcome... :3

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When I was 12, I went to sea.
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