When nothing really matters you can make anything mean everything. We were building sandcastles, waiting for the high tide to erase the evidence. No one wanted to be here anymore. We were hesitant to make permanent changes, but never really afraid of anything at all.

When nothing really means anything, maybe only everything means something. Try to interpret the meaning of double negatives and find yourself lost in a maze of meanings. Maybe.

We were building snowmen on the first day of spring, waiting for the weather to turn and ruin everything. No one we knew wanted to be here anymore, and we weren't afraid of destroying our world. We'd become experts.

Then she asked me what it all meant, and I asked if it had to have meaning. What is the definition of nihilism in Mandarin, I wonder? Precisely, I mean.

I saw my reflection in a puddle of melted snow mixed with sand and blurred by dirt. I wonder what we're becoming, if not nothing?


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