"Everyone has finals tomorrow, what the hell is he doing over there?" I yelled to Jake who was laying across the ground with textbooks and notebooks surrounding him. I curled my fist into a ball and hit the wall, hard 3 times. it's not like the person next door would be able to hear me over the sound of his blaring bass pumping through the divider.
"Maybe we should go to a different dorm. Or the library?" Jake suggested.
"I can't. I'm avoiding all the sorority girls because i'm supposed to have gone home this weekend because they want all the pledges to clean up the house Sunday night but I can't because I'm studying. I just wish he would SHUT UP." I said pounding on the wall once again.
"I got this." Jake said, standing up and turning on my family's old boom box. He flipped through the cds that laid beside it and picked one, placing it on the spinner.Suddenly, loud classical music so loud i thought i might go deaf came from the boom box.
Within minutes the bass had stopped and we were able to concentrate on studying.


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Student
villain Really loud bass next door
goal Studying
Prompt suggested by CharleS.


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