Before the crone could lift the latch, the outsider entered unbidden; not something wisely done at a witch's door. The boy seemed to need folding to miss the oak lintel. Felt cap respectfully in hand, he spilled over the urgent threshold.

"Some rich master has stolen my Bess away from me!" he blurted out.

The old woman assessed him bending his way through the old wooden doorway. Green doublet. Old but smart. Yellow hose. Bachelor. Sixteen Summers. Mayhap a little more, but large - she smiled - in every respect.

He hadn't noticed the maid, half shoved behind the door, but she had noticed him, quickly drying her eyes with the corner of her linen apron and dusting down her bright kirtle.

Rose Madder, the crone noted. A good colour. It suited the Young. She chuckled to herself. Could it be a more interesting day?

"Does Bess have blue eyes?" she asked pointedly."Three silver coins says she does."


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DoctorMikeReddy about 9 years ago

So, has the old woman won her bet?

JessWest about 9 years ago

Oh my, what an interesting love, um... not triangle, too many people involved for that. This was such fun to read. I am happy I found it today so that I didn't have to wait for the third installment. I think the witch has won her bet. Is there more to this story? I would like to read more.

DoctorMikeReddy about 9 years ago


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