There was originally only one photograph. Now there were two. Well, two halves. Incomplete. Roughly cut down the middle of the bay, neatly bisecting the bench. One was lightly discarded in a pile of "Things to do/sort."

The other was folded and refolded and bent again, then sat in a wallet. Strangely, the one that was thrown aside was the more loved. It showed regret. It showed hope. It showed Faith.

The tattered half showed bitterness, anger, loss. Odd, really as the original showed promise. Anticipation. Love. The man who captured all these strange emotions just thought they were a lovely couple, enjoying the view.

Can you know all the nuances of light when the shutter clicks? Doing a favour for a once paired set of souls, who asked you to capture their love on film. Maybe when it was caught it was lost. Where else could it have gone? No one knew.


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DoctorMikeReddy over 9 years ago

It came to me that it should be possible to do a life drawing with words as much as with pencils, chalk or charcoals. This is my first attempt. The title is inspired by the sort of labels they have in art galleries. It seemed about as accurate as I could make it. Please tell me what you think here in the comments.

JessWest over 9 years ago

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture you have drawn for us with these words speaks volumes. She left him, and now lives with regret. He was understandably angry and bitter. Who knows where the promise and love went? So sad. So typical, too. I like the "black text pixels on a white web page" title. Great job capturing this particular life drawing and sharing it with us!

DoctorMikeReddy (joined over 12 years ago)
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