I never realized just how high the flats in this area stood. Concrete giants standing over this urban world which I am unfortunate enough to call my home. Just last week a local boy was beaten up because of drugs, or money, or girls or whatever is the driving force behind the yobs that unfortunately for me call this area their home too.

Berkley Estate. Full of Highrises but empty of hopes, that about sums up this place.

As I continue my daily journey from work to home through the grey streets filled with grey people I am unfortunate enough to have been spotted by a group of yobs. My heart jumps a little when they call out at me, "HEY MISS!". I carry on walking and clutch my bag, it is premature of me to assume that I am about to become the victim of a mugging but you can never be too sure in this day and age.

"HEY MISS, I'M TALKING TO YA" I turn my head just enough to see that he is adorned in a grey tracksuit. But even worse then his fashion sense is the fact that he is slowly bee-lining towards me.

I clutch my bag tighter and pick up the pace. I do not want to be a


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ganymeder over 8 years ago

Good story! I would have liked to see the end. :)

RyanMcCrea (joined over 8 years ago)

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