When you dream you can dream in color and any color will do. The more vibrant the better. When I'm old i will dream in purple because I read a book once that said purple was an elderly color. When I was young I dreamt of popsicles and bubblegum the colors of the rainbow and pink hues. I remember all of my dreams giving them varying degrees of importance based on my age and how seriously I'm taking myself. Dreams about indiscretions are the best. I wake up and realize that I didn't do it after all. I didn't cheat on your husband, I didn't steal something or lie to your best friend. I end up relieved that my dream wasn't true. Other times i wish they were. Those are my absolute favorite dreams where I can say I did scale that mountain, I did sail across the ocean, I was happy for an entire day and didn't work about a damn thing. I floated across time and ignored obligations. I embraced the moment as so may philosophers of today suggest. Today, I will remember my dream where I almost destroyed my life when I made a very bad decision that I would never be able to take back. I have the luxury of waking-up and knowing that I have nothing to take back, only good decisions to make.


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