The day after tomorrow, this will all be over.

"You always say that," she whispers, as she tucks her feet up under herself and wraps her arms around her knees.

"One day it'll be true." He answers, heavy boots clunking on the wooden floorboards as he made his way over to the girl. "I got you something to eat." He handed her a sandwich and leant against the wall to watch her.

"How many days has it been?"
"It would be easier to tell you in weeks."
"Just let me go, please." They had discussed this many times, the talk always taking the same route. She took a bite of her sandwich and glanced up at the man, who was looking down at her wistfully.

"The day after tomorrow my pet."

She shivered and focused on her food, deep resignation settling in her stomach. Tomorrow, always tomorrow.


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The day after tomorrow, this will all be over.
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