Yeah yeah. We're here. Uh huh.

Well, we had this idea. Not totally sure it was smart. Yeah. Timothy is looking at it right now. No, no, it's a black flag. Pirates. I know. I know. I told you we weren't sure. How did they react? Not well. They kind of ... panicked, I think you'd say. Jumped over board. Uh huh. I think if we were starting from scratch we'd probably think it through a little more closely. No I know. The problem is they thought were were the pirates. Well... Okay, let's agree to disagree. Yes it was rash, but in these times rash measures are what's needed. I know. Look, I can't talk long. They're still all on the water. Timothy is trying to help them, I told you this. I did, when we were first connected. I know. I understand my responsibility. Yes okay, okay. Yes sir. Maybe... I don't know. Okay. Right. Goodbye!

Dumb shit. Had him by the balls on that one. They'll believe anything those fuckers will. Get rid of that red white and blue boy and let's get moving. I've got to get out of these clothes. Holy shit, we've done a good one today boys. No let them sink. Fucking British Navy ponces!

Off we go boys! We've made a good haul today!


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