It had been three weeks now, to the day, that Mira James had been absent from class. Mrs. Pendleton sighed with regret as she rubbed Mira's name off of her desk. Truancy was a sad reality that she was powerless to stop, and the school always needed to make room for new students.

She rummaged gingerly through the shelf, searching for the pile of junk that seemed to accumulate in every seventh-grader's desk. It would all be in the trash soon, leaving room for the next student's pencils, stickers, and other belongings.

It was empty. Clean, even. With a frown, Mrs. Pendleton knelt to stare into the dark vestibule. No, not quite empty. There was a single object inside, resting against the back of the shelf. An envelope.

She pulled it out with curious hands. 'To Mrs. Pendl


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RuthLivingstone over 13 years ago

oooh, what happens next?
Damn, 6 minutes goes too quickly!

EllipticEye about 13 years ago

Add me to the roster who'd like to know what was in the envelope, time limits be damned.

the-arraignment (joined over 13 years ago)

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